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2013 Week 7 Predictions

October 24, 2013 News, Uncategorized 9 Comments

Friday Night Lights, October 25
Mountain Lakes (6-0) @ Boonton (3-3)
George Muha: When I own my own high school football team I am going to have a guy come out before home games on a horse and throw spears in the middle of the field…except I am going to have to do it out of state because everyone will know I am copying Mt. Lakes.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 34-19

Wallkill Valley (1-5) @ Butler (5-1)
George Muha: Butler just lost their annual only loss to Mt. Lakes last week so you know they are coming out to let off some steam.
PICK: Butler 40-12

Newton (3-3) @ Dover (3-3)
George Muha: I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that Newton is biting all the big boys in the butt this year! The Braves are a really good football team. I don’t see Dover losing this one, but I do look forward to seeing Newton in the playoffs for the first time in a long time.
PICK: Dover 24-21

Hackettstown (1-5) @ Jefferson (5-1)
George Muha: I felt last week’s victory over Madison was a revenge win for Jefferson. I was at that matchup last year and the Falcons were dished a bloodbath of a loss. I am loving how JR Reese is playing like a man possessed and his mates are fighting along side him.
PICK: Jefferson 34-10

Kittatinny (4-2) @ Hanover Park (4-2)
George Muha: Sophomore Christian Bassolino filled in superbly for the injured Matt Hoberman the last few weeks for Hanover Park. It makes me feel good that my alma mater will have a field general for the next few years. But this week Matt Hoberman is healthy again and ready to carry my Hornets through the playoffs and bring me home another State Championship (no pressure Hobey!). Although Kittatinny is a very tough football team, I think Hoberman’s legs will get the better of them.
PICK: Hanover Park 40-35

High Point (2-4) @ Mount Olive (2-4)
George Muha: Ethan Weiss (Mount Olive)…nuf said.
PICK: Mt. Olive 23-14

Pequannock (1-5) @ Kinnelon (3-3)
George Muha: One more win and Kinnelon could be in…to the playoffs that is. Look for the defending State Champs to get the W in convincing fashion.
PICK: Kinnelon 30-8

Sussex Tech (3-3) @ Parsippany (0-6)
George Muha: I really wish Parsippany would go independent for a few years. It would be a good thing. They keep getting beat up in the NJAC but I think they would do well as an independent. Just to prove I’m right, Parsippany will beat their only independent opponent of the year.
PICK: Parsippany 24-15

Morris Hills (2-4) @ Vernon (0-6)
George Muha: Okay MoHills, a win against Vernon this week and High Point next week may actually give you enought Power Points to get into the playoffs. You’ll need some help from other teams in the section, but do your part and let the chips fall where they may.
PICK: MoHills 30-20

Roxbury (2-4) @ Randolph (3-2-1)
George Muha: In two years Roxbury is going to be sick. In the meantime, sophomore QB Grant Dixon and the rest of the Gaels will have to take their lumps. Look for Ranolph QB Sunshine Logoyda to pretty much secure a playoff birth with this win.
PICK: Randolph 45-20

Saturday, October 26
Morris Knolls (5-1) @ Pope John (6-0)
George Muha: I see the Houston Veer driving Pope John crazy in this one. I call the Lions defense lets up the most points they have all season this Saturday. The Knolls’ offense is just very hard to prepare for and this group of Golden Eagles is running it like a high performance race car. Don’t get me wrong, PJ will win. But if the Lions get cute, they’ll be playing catch up for most of the game.
PICK: PJ 50-45

West Morris (4-2) @ Parsippany Hills (5-1)
George Muha: Getting Delbartoned last week definitely shook up the Par Hills Vikings. But I see them bouncing back in a big way.
PICK: Par Hills 45-21

North Warren (4-2) @ Whippany Park (2-4)
George Muha: I love how Whippany Park is battling out some tough wins this season. I see North Warren coming away with the W, but Da Whip will not make it easy.
PICK: NW 21-14

Montville (1-5) @ Sparta (5-1)
George Muha: Okay Sparta, we get it…you’re insane! You haven’t scored less than 30 points all season and only let up more than one score once this year. Hang on to your hat Montville, the wind will be blowing hard up in the hills of Sussex County this Saturday.
PICK: Sparta 55-10

Lenape Valley (4-2) @ Madison (3-2)
George Muha: Seems like all of Madison’s big rivals are getting retribution for the carnage they left during their 39 game win streak in recent years. Look for Lenape to get theirs this weekend.
PICK: Lenape Valley 30-21

Hopatcong (4-2) @ Morris Catholic (1-5)
George Muha: I just bought my hunter green Johann Lara jersey this past week. The green is much better than the white in my opinion.
PICK: Hopatcong 30-8

Delbarton (5-1) @ Morristown (2-4)
George Muha: I always love this cross town matchup…most seasons. However, Delbarton has been ending all of their games in the first quarter and Motown is been having a hard time catching up to their division opponents this season.
PICK: Delby 40-25

Mendham (2-3-1) @ Chatham (0-6)
George Muha: Lucky for Mendham they are playing in the North 2, Group 4 State Section…also known as the worlds worse section that ever existed. I calculated it and Mendham could literally lose the next two weeks and still make the playoffs. But I actually think Mendham will win the next two weeks.
PICK: Mendham 34-10

Mo-Beard (5-1) @ Immaculate Conception (3-3)
George Muha: Nick Rella an the rest of the Mo-Bearded Ladies are going to get let out some steam from last week’s loss to Hanover Park.
PICK: MB 40-12

How I did last week: 14-4 (73.68%)
How I’m doing so far this season: 85-27 (75.89%)

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  1. Kevin Lynch on said:

    75% very impressive George. Morristown will only score in garbage time late 4th quarter against Delby. The pack has never been able to defend the pass, as far back as I can remember. They practice against the run as that is their offense. PH should take this one as you predict. Pope John will destroy Morris Knolls. My take from afar.

  2. At the end of the first half of last Friday night’s HP vs MB game, Ref’s really hosed the Bearded Ladies! Block in the back, which everyone within a 5 square mile radius witnessed with the exception of “The Ref”, sprung a 40+ yard gain for HP. Than, the Refs actually stop the clock with 29 seconds left to conduct a measurement. The ball was clearly spotted 2 feet past the marker, but they still stop the clock! Un-freaking believable!! It gives HP a chance to get in the huddle, catch their breath and have enough time to score a TD, making it 21-10. At the end of the day, HP probably wins anyway as they are a very talented team, but the Refs inexplicable calls and lack of calls clearly took the wind out of MB’s sails.

    • George MuhaGeorge on said:

      Hang it up Chums! Wasnt the delta in the final score like 20 points? I picked your boys to win…but my Hornets did what the needed to.

    • George MuhaGeorge on said:

      Thanks! Next week I’m betting on all the games in Vegas! With 75% I could probably live my dream of owning and general managing my own hs football team.

  3. George — This is your chance to re-think and re-write your prediction on Knolls vs PJ. Give PJ defense more respect. I cannot see MK getting anything more then ten to fourteen points on cool Fall afternoon in Sparta.

    • George MuhaGeorge on said:

      Deana, the damage is done. You may be right, but I’m telling u this offense can be deadly if u don’t know how to prepare for it. Thats all I’m sayin.

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